Government must insist schools stand by their workforce

Commenting on information being received from NASUWT local officers and regional officials that schools are continuing with redundancy meetings, Ms Chris Keates, Acting General Secretary of NASUWT – the Teachers’ Union said:
“It beggars belief that at a time of a national crisis, when the future for everyone is so uncertain, that some schools are refusing to withdraw their plans to make teachers redundant and are insisting on ploughing ahead with redundancy meetings and hearings.
“Teachers, despite their deep and understandable anxieties about their own and their families’ well-being, are from today providing key frontline support for our NHS and other emergency services.
“What kind of employers, in the face of such an unprecedented situation, consider it acceptable or appropriate to add to this stressful situation by seeking to remove them from their jobs.
“The Prime Minister repeatedly has urged businesses and employers to stand by their workforce at this time but clearly some are callously choosing to ignore this and not giving a second thought to adding to the misery workers are already facing.
“The time has come for the Government to stop urging employers to do the right thing and stand by their workforce but to insist that they do.
“The NASUWT is pressing for all redundancy procedures to be withdrawn and will have no hesitation in publicly naming those employers who fail to do this.”

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