Press Statement – NASUWT takes strike action at Loughborough Grammar School over removal of members from the Teachers Pension Scheme

On the dates below, NASUWT members at Loughborough Grammar School, Loughborough are taking strike action over adverse changes to pensions and conditions of service

Wednesday 9th June 2021

Wednesday 16thJune 2021

Thursday 17th June 2021

Tuesday 22nd June 2021

Wednesday 23rd June 2021

Thursday 24th June 2021

NASUWT members are facing a significant pay cut, caused by the decision of the Schools Governors to withdraw from the Teachers Pension Scheme and replace it with an inferior private scheme.

This decision comes after two years of pay freezes leaving members significantly below rates of pay in the state sector. NASUWT Leicestershire Secretary Luke Akhurst said, “What worries staff most, is that the undervaluing of teaching staff, will result in them leaving and damage recruitment. The Foundation has an excellent reputation in the area and this will only be maintained by investing in the high quality teaching the school is renowned for.”

Even more shockingly, the rational behind the decision is to increase surpluses and comes after significant decreases in the amount spent on teaching staff. Companies house shows that the total percentage of teaching staff at the foundation has dropped from 61% in 2010 to just 41% in 2020. Furthermore, annual LSF Governors’ Reports and Financial Statements, show the number of senior management with salaries in excess of £60k has increased to 19 from just 10 in 2016.*

Despite staff representatives putting forward numerous ways to make savings without hurting the quality of teaching at the foundation, the board of governors decided to press ahead and withdraw from the scheme. Appallingly, the school has resorted to the use of ‘fire and rehire’ tactics, threatening members with the loss of their jobs if they refuse to sign the inferior contracts. 

Members feel that there is no option but to strike, in order to maintain the the Teachers Pension Scheme, which, is vital for the schools competitiveness going forward.

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