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Tell Us How Coronavirus Emergency Measures Affect You

Teachers across the UK are facing the threat of the coronavirus pandemic on both a personal and a professional front.

You have, like all of us, faced the anxiety of potentially serious illness for you and your family. But, as critical workers, you have also faced the added pressures of being on the frontline of maintaining emergency educational provision and the problem of juggling those with your personal wellbeing.

Without your willingness to implement the emergency measures put in place to protect public health, other key workers would not be able to continue to provide the other essential support and assistance needed to maintain the vital infrastructure we all rely on.

The NASUWT wants to learn more about those experiences. What measures were put in place for rotas? How were teachers in vulnerable groups assisted? Did supply/substitute teachers lose contracts? All these questions and more will help us formulate a picture of how the crisis is affecting you.

Please help us gather the information in our survey to inform the NASUWT’s representations to Government on your behalf. Choose your personalised national survey from the list below:

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